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  • Interview with Mestre Pe de Chumbo in As...
    by Capoeira Asheville on August 23, 2009 at 1:48 PM
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    This excerpt from a documentary of the Asheville Capoeira group features Mestre Pe de Chumbo speaking to the importance of spirit, music and tradition.

  • CECA Encounter 2009 from jesse berg on Vimeo.

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    CECA Encounter 2009
    by Capoeira Asheville on August 21, 2009 at 10:31 AM
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    This video documents the attendence of the Asheville Capoeira group in the CECA 2009 Encounter in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    This video documents the 2009 CECA Capoeira Encounter from the perspective of an American capoeira student. It uses photographs, text and video footage to present the viewer with an overview of the encounter. The video also offers viewers a deeper understanding of the traditional form of capoeira angola by introducing many of the important capoeira elders. The video concludes by highlighting some of the projects which use capoeira angola as a tool to empower communities and engage under-served youth.

    The Centro Esportivo de Capoeira Angola (CECA) was founded in the early 1940's by Mestre Pastinha, a capoeira master who today is known as the grandfather of Capoeira Angola. Today Mestre Pastinha's work is continued by Joao Pequeno's graduated students including Mestre Pe de Chumbo, Mestre Ciro Lima, Professor Zoinho and Professora Nani.

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